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The weirdest party of my life (and I only go to weird parties). We are the not-drunk boyfriend, the friend-of-a-friend, the PTSD-war-veteran, the adderol-ridden-hostess, the stoned-mom, the dramatic-one, and the disordered-hypochondriac-complainer. I won’t tell you which I am, but I … Continue reading

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Pastel para todos (Cake for All)

4,000 kilometers from everyone and everything I know, I lean out of the bus window and call down to the street. “¡José Luís!” He stops, turns. Looks around. Finally spots me hanging over the hard metal bar of the window. … Continue reading

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November snows early. She drives without thinking, knowing every turn in town, taking each road and corner by instinct, until she puts the truck in park in front of his silver trailer, at once distant and familiar. The ice is … Continue reading

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I sleep most of the day. At four o’clock I finally roll out of bed. My head is splitting. I think about calling Chris, but after checking my phone to see if he’s called me (no) I just pull on … Continue reading

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Four hours across Northern Wisconsin And no one in this van has bathed in days I think after hours spent trudging through the crust of leaves Arms swinging, legs numb, mouths wide open to the frosty cold We are more … Continue reading

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Fine. We’ll get our shit together, load up the dusty Honda and drive to East Missoula. Shove the tubes in the water, wade in, scream bit, and jump none-too-gracefully into the tubes, butt-first. Stop laughing. Drift super-slowly past the teenage … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Honest

I’ve stopped counting the years since I first fell in love with you, stopped counting the years since I considered myself over you, and stopped even worrying about the way I want you in my life. You’re my best friend, … Continue reading

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Rain. They’re making a huge deal of it on the news, with weather updates every half hour. Using words like, “torrential,” “monsoon,” and “fire hose.” So far I’ve noticed some wind, some wetness, and of course the relentlessly overcast skies. … Continue reading

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I shut my eyes suddenly. The tree remains on the backside of my eyelids, glittering in multi-colored lights and dark shadows of ornaments. My feet are cold on the linoleum floor. I’m supposed to be in bed. Before mounting the … Continue reading

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No one understands the power of dreams better than the old and the sick. They left him here twelve years ago, after the doctor said he had less than a year to live. Since then he’s defied all expectations, saving … Continue reading

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