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The Loneliest Night of My Life (A True Story)

Dear Friend, Loneliness is a bitch, and the foreignness of your surroundings makes life hard. No one likes to be patronized, but I can tell you that I was in your shoes once, more or less. I walked cobblestones and … Continue reading

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I walked back to where I’d come from, my boots scuffing on the straight carpet. He was sitting in his usual pose, crammed against one side of the square armchair, a stapled stack of paper covering his face. I loved … Continue reading

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Cold Water

Never underestimate the power of cold water. We once jumped in Flathead Lake on New Year’s Day. Flathead Lake is in Montana. New Year’s is in January. So it was pretty fucking chilly. And though we be Californians now, superstition … Continue reading

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She was half-deep in icy mountain lake water when it began. The sun was dipping behind the ridge; the light compressing into a thin line of gold on the ridge line. She looked up, across to the other end of … Continue reading

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Born On The Street

They gave her the baby on Christmas, so she calls him Immanuel. For his circumstance, he is remarkably healthy. He weighs seven pounds and can barely open his eyes. We go to visit; eat burritos on our laps before washing … Continue reading

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I woke up to burning sunshine. The sheets were crumpled from our bodies and I could hear him urinating in the bathroom. My eyes were crusty with day-old mascara. I sat up halfway, felt the sheets sliding around my naked … Continue reading

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The Grand Line

My great-uncle Morris worked at the Grand Line Bar & Grill for 39 years. He started washing dishes there when he was seventeen and then slowly moved up in the world. Now he was dying of cancer and the only … Continue reading

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Black Widow

We called her the black widow. Said she used boys like kleenex. I think I remember this before I remember her last name. Maybe we¬†were all the jealous girls who wished we could look like her, wished we could sing … Continue reading

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Hot July. The air is buzzing and the dust is flying behind the blue pickup truck as it barrels up to the ridgeline. He parks on the edge of the road, the truck leaning sideways like it could roll down … Continue reading

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They pulled into the hotel parking lot a little after five. Junie had three bags full of clothes for three nights, and her stuffed rabbit Omar stuffed into the pocket of her pink and white sweatshirt. His head hung out … Continue reading

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