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For my best friend: August heat. Crickets drone in the far-off fields. The sun is a dusty circle in the sky. The stereo plays a mix For You, songs we shared in middle school that assault our ears with nostalgia … Continue reading

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It Begins With a Dangerous Dream

Those first few moments of the day are the best. The seconds where you slip out of sleep and into your conscious life, but before you are quite aware of it; nothing makes sense. Dreams fade behind you and the … Continue reading

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The Dance Teacher

I taught those blackberries to dance Put on some music and said Show me what you’ve got Like there is No Tomorrow and You can sleep every night For the rest of your life.   We are snowflakes! Move your … Continue reading

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Today is a horrible day! I texted him at 4:45, on my way home. All I wanted was to lie in a warm place with good smells and maybe fall asleep. Maybe cry a little, but mostly just wait for … Continue reading

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That One Girl, That One Time

We waited almost an hour for our food. My stomach was eating itself by the time our plates arrived, barely enough table to hold them all. “I’m going to wash my hands,” she said, excusing herself and sliding out of … Continue reading

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Love is all about resistance. Anything can go too far, if you think about it too long, but as far as I can tell, love is the most dangerous. Love will not just drag you down, but it will drag … Continue reading

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Journey Poem

My mother drove this road first Long before she became the woman I know Uncertain on the curves, but hopeful for a destination Watching the steady grace of the river roll onward   I hated this road for making me … Continue reading

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A Miracle

We were barely 15 And driving your dad’s truck Wild and crazy Through the back fields While your dad lay Passed out, asleep? Still and unmoving on the couch Between the kitchen And the room with the TV And you … Continue reading

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Poetry Apologies

Sorry it’s been so long, fans. All two of you. Being hellabusy is my only excuse. However, I’m in a poetry class this semester, and I’d love nothing more than to subject my readers to my attempts to write poems.

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