A Miracle

We were barely 15

And driving your dad’s truck

Wild and crazy

Through the back fields

While your dad lay

Passed out, asleep?

Still and unmoving on the couch

Between the kitchen

And the room with the TV

And you just had to show off

Turning so fast my head ached

But I would bite my lip bloody

Before I told you to slow down

Then a rock

In the grass

Sneaky and unseen

Tipped us and we were rolling

Tumbling through the grass

I would have screamed

But I couldn’t breathe

The world was a blur of gray and yellow grass

Blue sky and your face

An expression of pure terror

It was laughable, almost

Dumb kids

Don’t let us die


We came to a stop

Finally, on 4 wheels

The motor still growling under us

Like a beast that couldn’t be beat

As you shoved the car into gear

To take me, slowly, home

You said it must have been a miracle

And I nodded, only because

I still couldn’t find my breath


About mayafishsticks

Since I turned 20, it's all gone downhill.
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One Response to A Miracle

  1. Jane says:

    wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful wonderful. I love reading your writing. ❤

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