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Since I turned 20, it's all gone downhill.

Bayou Blues

I never expected to be here. No one told me to move to New Orleans, or that I could find a job that allowed me to sit in the sun all day. The water, orange-dark and filmy, holds and carries … Continue reading

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Emma’s mom watches us back down the driveway, her arms crossed against the chilly air. The lights falls around her silhouette. Headlights highlight her unreadable expression. An older me would have been grateful for her concern. The person sitting in … Continue reading

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Apparently I Wrote This…

My baby, why do we keep on moving? Which of us needs to go and hates to stay? I smile, you wink. We hold hands. We hold each other. We can’t hold still. I eat, you go to work, I … Continue reading

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I Was

I was a good writer, once. I was a good writer because I wrote. I wrote because I had that fire inside, the one they talk about, the fire that kept Hemingway drunk and Emily alone. The fire that my … Continue reading

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Pine Ridge

This piece integrates quotes from a recent NY Times article, “Next to Tribe With Alcohol Ban, a Hub of Beer,” which can be found in full online: As we approach the western border of South Dakota, I know we’re … Continue reading

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After the worst summer of our lives comes autumn. The trees explode with color. You call me while I’m washing the dishes, and I pick up the phone with soapy hands, the water dripping down my arms to my elbows. … Continue reading

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Here is a story I’ve told no one else. My little brother drank himself to death. He was eleven. There is a field behind my house. He and his friend P.J. stole two bottles of vodka from P.J.’s uncle. By … Continue reading

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For my best friend: August heat. Crickets drone in the far-off fields. The sun is a dusty circle in the sky. The stereo plays a mix For You, songs we shared in middle school that assault our ears with nostalgia … Continue reading

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It Begins With a Dangerous Dream

Those first few moments of the day are the best. The seconds where you slip out of sleep and into your conscious life, but before you are quite aware of it; nothing makes sense. Dreams fade behind you and the … Continue reading

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The Dance Teacher

I taught those blackberries to dance Put on some music and said Show me what you’ve got Like there is No Tomorrow and You can sleep every night For the rest of your life.   We are snowflakes! Move your … Continue reading

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