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Here is a story I’ve told no one else. My little brother drank himself to death. He was eleven. There is a field behind my house. He and his friend P.J. stole two bottles of vodka from P.J.’s uncle. By … Continue reading

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The Dance Teacher

I taught those blackberries to dance Put on some music and said Show me what you’ve got Like there is No Tomorrow and You can sleep every night For the rest of your life.   We are snowflakes! Move your … Continue reading

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Journey Poem

My mother drove this road first Long before she became the woman I know Uncertain on the curves, but hopeful for a destination Watching the steady grace of the river roll onward   I hated this road for making me … Continue reading

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A Miracle

We were barely 15 And driving your dad’s truck Wild and crazy Through the back fields While your dad lay Passed out, asleep? Still and unmoving on the couch Between the kitchen And the room with the TV And you … Continue reading

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Four hours across Northern Wisconsin And no one in this van has bathed in days I think after hours spent trudging through the crust of leaves Arms swinging, legs numb, mouths wide open to the frosty cold We are more … Continue reading

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